Long Beach Island NJ "In-Depth"

A totally new "Dimension" in appreciating the beauty of LBI

(photos copyright Bruce Clark 2007)

But first, a bit of background about my experiences with the world of 3D...

Rare 3-D scenes from the 1961 film "The Mask"

My first contact with anaglyph 3D images was way back in 1961. As a lad of 8, I went to the Tyson Theater in Philadelphia and watched a low-budget Canadian horror film called "The Mask". In the movie, when you heard a booming voice say "PUT THE MASK ON NOW!", you looked through the red/blue "Mystic Mask" glasses that they gave you when you entered the theater. That was the cue for some rather surreal and scary 3D dream sequences (screen shots above). It really made an impression on me!

It would be years before I learned that the 3D scenes were actually directed by a famed Yugoslavian film pioneer Slavko Vorkapich. He was famous for his montage and transitional effects in Hollywood movies. His film credits from the 1930's and 1940's include familiar titles like "Joan of Arc", "Meet John Doe", "Boys Town" and "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington".

This website is a first-ever experiment in LBI 3D photography. This page is graphics intensive - a dial-up connection is not recommended! Perhaps someday I will have time to experiment with reducing the size of the images, but right now I am simply trying an experiment.

Red/blue 3-D glasses ARE necessary to view these photos in 3D!

I will be posting some new 3D images of LBI. Suggestions? Just write to me at SixOfOne@netreach.net

Above: Barnegat Lighthouse set against the blue New Jersey sky.


Above is the damaged movie theater sign from The Beach theater near the ACME Market.

Above: This is the start of the nature trail near Barnegat Lighthouse


3D photography has always interested me. I have over 25 years experience using 3D cameras and am now using a new technique that uses a regular digital camera to create the LBI images you see on this page. Without the 3D glasses, the photos appear blurry and doubled in some places. It takes the red/blue glasses to let your brain process the different layers.

Here is the company that makes the above images possible:



This amazing system allows you to use a regular digital camera to create true alaglyph 3D images. It even allows you to create the image in black & white or color. Below are examples of black and white images showing the General Meade bust at Barnegat Lighthouse:

Need a pair of red/blue 3D glasses?

Send a $1 bill for each pair desired (LIMIT: 2), and a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope (SASE) to:


Bruce Clark
PO Box 1545
North Wales, PA 19454


I will immediately send you a cool pair of 3D glasses to view these images! This is the exact same technology used by NASA to show you the latest Mars images - now you can watch those images on the web and see these photos too.

If there is enough interest, I will add on to this page and describe how it is done.







Contact Bruce Clark at SixOfOne@netreach.net