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CREATING HISTORY FOR MORE THAN 25 YEARS!  1992-2019 Pennsylvania's blue and gold historical marker designs are a registered trademark of The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. Reprinted By Permission.

For more than fifty years, historical markers have informed and educated history buffs and the traveling public. But until recently, historic sites and societies could not take full advantage of these unique signs.

That is, until Historical Marker Magnets came along!

For 27 years, Roadside Magnets has been the nation's only manufacturer of miniature reproduction state and private historical markers.

These Historical Marker Magnets are colorful, durable, collectible wafer-thin slices of history - educational remembrances of some of the most historic sites in the country.


Who makes them?

Historical Marker Magnets are the brainchild of Bruce Clark, owner of Roadside Magnets. Bruce was always fascinated with history and the historical markers he would see along the side of the road. With Historical Marker Magnets, historic sites can now take full advantage of their historical markers for the first time with an excellent fund-raising product.

Now, guests can take home with them a little "piece of history" in the form of a useful, educational magnet.

Click on the COLLEGEVILLE keystone marker to visit The Keystone Marker Trust.  Protecting and honoring these unique signs in Pennsylvania!

What are they?

Historical Marker Magnets are silk-screened on a magnetic, flexible vinyl surface and are only .030" thick. So, a stack of 100 measure a mere 3 inches high, taking up very little shelf space. They are thin, but the magnets are also strong.  They mail easily in membership mailings.

A black metal display stand is available to keep near your register or at your fund-raising event. These are great "impulse buying" items!

Above: Photo of the actual marker and the resulting miniature.

What has been the response?

The reaction has been nothing short of fantastic. Historic sites report this as being one of their best-selling items. And several newspapers, including the Philadelphia Inquirer, have been unanimous in their praise of this unique educational idea.

Bruce originally approached the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) with the idea. Soon, many PHMC historic sites were using Historical Marker Magnets in their Gift Shops and visitors were collecting them as they went from site to site. Now Bruce is considering expanding from state-to-state with this (if you will pardon the pun) "Revolutionary" idea.

Above: Some of the media coverage about Historical Marker Magnets.

How are they made?

A photograph is submitted of the actual marker. (A close-up photo of the top seal may also be needed if the magnet is for a state not currently being made.) An artist mimics the layout exactly, creating a silk-screen that is used to make the magnets. We do NOT change the text or do any magnets for non-existing markers!

Above: West Virginia marker and private marker.

How have they been used?

These magnets have been used as membership premiums, as giveaway items, at Gift Shops, as fund-raisers, and at marker dedications. Perhaps you'll think of yet another use for them! Since they are so thin, they easily go through the mail in a normal envelope.

Above: Privately funded marker for J.E.B. Stuart.


The magnets have been used by historical societies, historical sites, museums, county organizations, and for town celebrations. Anyone who wants to promote their local history in a unique way can use these magnets!

How long does it take?

We like to allow at least 4 to 5 weeks from the time the photograph is submitted until the time the finished magnets are delivered. Depending on workload and timing, it may take longer than this because of the quantities needed to be produced to keep prices down.  Multiple orders must be gathered.

These magnets are custom-made and Bruce personally inspects the artwork proof before production and each magnet after they are made.

How much do they cost?

Our wholesale pricing depends on number of colors used, the size of the magnet and quantity required. We work very closely with small historic sites to meet their needs for a custom, inexpensive, site-specific educational product that can help promote their site and raise much-needed funds. The minimum order for a new custom magnet is 250, and our goal is a wholesale price of $1.50 each (plus the cost of shipping). That way, they can easily retail for $3.00 each.

Some of our Pennsylvania magnets, (like the above PHILADELPHIA and PENNSYLVANIA ones) are "in-stock" items and are NOT subject to the 250 minimum order requirement. These can be used at locations that do not have their own site-specific or area marker. In Pennsylvania, there are markers honoring every County, and these have also often been used by historical groups who do not have a site-specific marker.

Above: Our 3x3 inch black/white magnet allows for more text

Our wholesale pricing for 250 magnets is actually a quantity discount as if 1,000 magnets were being ordered! To do this, Bruce tries to combine several small orders to reach a production run of 1,000 magnets at one time. If this can be done, each of these small (250) orders gets the quantity discount without having to actually order 1,000 magnets!

How do I get a free sample?

It's easy! If you represent a historical society, site or museum and you are considering using one of our custom magnets, e-mail us! Just tell us the name of the historical society that you represent and which nearby marker interests you.

Let us know what you have in mind, and we'll send out a free Historical Marker Magnet for your group to see. This offer is not open to the general public. (Sadly, I have received numerous requests from people simply interested in "something for nothing". This expense hurt my small home-based business to the point where now I need assurances that requests for magnets come from legitimate historical societies and sites. If the problem continues, I may have to request that sample requests are physically mailed to me using historical society stationery with proper letterhead...). Thanks for understanding that I am a small operation and that I cannot afford to simply "give my product away!" I do not have a mail-order catalog nor do I sell my magnets directly to the public. They are available exclusively at the many historic sites that carry them!

Elvis Aaron Presley Historical Marker Magnet that was sold at Graceland.


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Even highway signs can be turned into collectible magnets!




1992-2019 Roadside Magnets. All Rights Reserved. Historical Marker Magnets is a trademark of Roadside Magnets.
Pennsylvania's blue and gold historical marker designs are a registered trademark of The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. Reprinted by Permission.