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(Trolley's, Trains and a Tribute)

A different kind of horsepower!

Today, driving through Beach Haven in your car can sometimes be a frustrating experience. Have you ever longed for a simpler time and a more relaxing way to get around? Well, consider the lucky air-cooled passengers below headed towards their hotel...






Left image: Northwest view, standing in Pearl Street looking towards Beach Avenue Those houses are located across the street from the then-standing Baldwin Hotel on Pearl.

There was a time when the Hotel Baldwin horse-drawn trolley was the fashionable way to get to your room. The rails ended on Pearl Street, just east of Beach Avenue. The house in the lower left is making a return appearance - it is the same home that was featured as the very first comparison picture on Page One, but this time you are looking at its "Beach Avenue face"! The Hotel Baldwin was over the photographer's shoulder and the magnificent 400 room hotel looked like this:


The image at left is from a 1930's Beach Haven promotional brochure. The hotel building was destroyed by a fire in 1960 and is now the site of Holy Innocents Episcopal Church.




This "Hotel Baldwin at Night" color postcard was postmarked August 15th, 1945. The handwritten inscription on the back reads: "I am on my vacation and having a swell time. Swimming is grand. We just heard the news of the War being over, it is certainly wonderful."




This is Holy Innocents Episcopal Church photographed from the air in the 1960's. The arrow points to where the old Hotel Baldwin horse-drawn trolley (above) was photographed. The two Pearl Street houses (just above and to the left of the arrow) are seen behind the trolley. The church still stands on this former location of the Hotel Baldwin.





The Beach Haven Train Station


For many early visitors, stepping off of the train at the Beach Haven Train Depot must have been their first steps on sandy Long Beach Island. The quaint depot remained a part of Beach Haven until just a couple of years ago. We'll show several pictures to give you an idea what it was like and what happened to the location...






These remarkable images of the Beach Haven Train Station survive because they were reproduced on turn-of-the-century postcards.

The caption below the left image above is "Rapid Transit at Beach Haven N.J." Both cars say "Beach Haven Railway on them. The right image has a caption under the photo that says, "Train Time", Beach Haven, N.J.". The uniquely shaped roofline along with the long flowing dresses of the female passengers makes for a truly memorable image.

At left, a rare photo taken in August of 1993 showing the station which had been converted to a residence.

Right, you see the lot as it is now, with a new house occupying the space that at one time was a hub of activity each time a train arrived..

So where exactly was the Beach Haven Train station? It was on Third Street, across and just down the street from Pier 18 Mall.

1993 Beach Haven Train Station image and courtesy of Michael Sudol.

Special "Then & Now" LBI Tribute...
Photo Subjects Return 36 Years Later!!

1963 vs. 1999!

We were able to bring back two of the three original photo subjects from 1963 for this very special "Then & Now" illustration.


At left is Bruce Clark (me!). Seated is my brother Bob, holding his red telescope box, and at right is our cousin Hunter. The year was 1963.


At left is Bruce Clark (me!). Seated is my brother Bob, still holding the same box and at right is my daughter Katie. Hunter is in Germany at the moment and couldn't fly over for the photo!

The earlier photo was taken at Barnegat Lighthouse when the General Meade bust was located opposite the entrance to the lighthouse (facing the door). It has since been moved to the base of the lighthouse near the front door and it now faces the inlet.



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