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Beach Haven Motels and Hotels!








The Coral Seas Motel back in the 1960's was a two-story oceanfront getaway for thousands of island visitors. But when we hand carried the 1960's postcard (above left) to the spot today to recreate the scene, we were shocked to see that the motel gained an extra floor over the years!








The Sierra Apartments (above left) was also a popular oceanfront hideout for sun-seekers. It would later be converted to its present use - a Condominium!








The Engleside has been an island tradition for many, many years. In the 1960's postcard shown (above left) we see it bathed in spotlights for an impressive nighttime image. The current image (taken in October 2000) shows just how high that little pine tree in the front of the office has grown - it is now the height of the building! The glowing red rooftop sign was recently replaced with a sign that does not light up.


Special Photo Gallery:

The Beach Haven Boardwalk

Here are some rare images of the Beach Haven boardwalk, which ran for 16 blocks. Many of today's visitors don't realize that Beach Haven even had a boardwalk. I'll go back to some of these spots someday to show what the area looks like now.






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